Strategic sonic branding for business

Competitive advantage is everything in business.

The power of music creates an emotional connection with your customers that inspires loyalty beyond reason.

We deep dive into your brand to determine what, when and where to play the tracks that will help elevate your customers’ experience beyond that of your competitors.  

A boutique designer approach to audio branding

100% bespoke track-by-track playlists which are built for you and you only.

Your business is unique. With Profile Music, it will also sound unique.

Zero pre-programmed generic channels. Unlike our competitors we don’t use algorithms and don’t take shortcuts.

Ultimate music knowledge

Our team work extensively in the music industry as songwriters, producers, DJ’s and executives.

We live, love & breathe music.

Our audio architects draw on their extensive knowledge of artists, genre’s (and sub genre’s) to create 100% bespoke, track-by-track custom curated Audio DNA.

Our clients

We only work with the most reputable brands:

creative tech

Profile’s proprietary fully automated Audimator network music system codifies rhythms, genre’s and moods to deliver the most powerful music to your business.

Nothing is left to chance.

Managers & staff can also simply control the Audimator experience from any POS, computer or smart device.

Our combination of human curation and world-class tech makes us unique in the world of audio branding.

An amplified sound experience

Profile have extensive experience in designing and installing audio systems for commercial, hospitality and retail environments.

From digital signal processing through to invisible speakers and everything in between, our tech delivers.

We partner only with best-in-class hardware solutions.

A one stop shop when it comes to network music deployment and audio system design | installation. 

Here for you

Support & service are everything.

They make the difference between a company who says they are good and a company who actually delivers.

Our global support hotline is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Global licensing

Profile are an ethical company who believe music creators need to be rightfully paid.

We ensure that our licensing fees are always paid direct to the copyright holder, label or governing bodies so rest assured that your business is always fully licensed when subscribing to any of our services.


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